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training and socializing your pet not only makes life easier, but it also helps your pet feel safe, secure and happy.

WE have 3 trainers on staff to help lead the way to an ideal relationship of respect between you and your dog.  

we offer group or individual training year- round to assist you in all of your training needs. from puppy to canine good citizen, we have lots of options!

our facility includes indoor and outdoor areas for training.

AKC Canine Good Citizen/Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Canine Good Citizen course with official CGC testing at graduation!  The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program is the gold standard of behavior for dogs in our communities. This class will prepare your dog for everyday situations and proper etiquette in the home as well as in public. Participants who successfully pass all 10 parts of the test earn a certificate from the AKC.  Two additional weeks of instruction offered to those who pass CGC testing and wish to register with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc.  This six week course is held once a week at our training facility. We welcome all breeds and ages 6 months and older!


Class covers:

·         Greet a friendly stranger

·         Sit politely for petting

·         Welcomes being groomed, brushed, allows paws and ears to be handled

·         Loose- leash walking, attentiveness to owner

·         Moves politely through a crowd

·         Sits, lies down and stays in place

·         Comes when called

·         Behaves politely around other dogs

·         Reacts with confidence to distractions

·         Can be left with a trusted person

Cost: $95.00 ($5 paperwork processing fee for those who choose to obtain CGC certificate)