Advanced Puppy Class

This class is for puppies six months to one year of age and is a continuation of our Basic Puppy Class. We will be building on the skills covered in our Basic Puppy Class by adding distractions and increasing difficulty level. Our Advanced Puppy Class is designed to help your puppy become a confident, secure, well- behaved happy adult. This class is not appropriate for young dogs with significant reactivity/ aggression issues. Completing Puppy One Class is not neccesary if your pet is within six months to a year.

Class covers:

·         Learning Theory- how dogs learn

·         Trust exercises- preparing for vet exams/ nail trims

·         Clicker Training/ marker words- why it is useful

·         Motivation- setting your puppy up for success

·         Problem solving for common issues

·         How to build and proof useful obedience behavior

·         Attention to name

·         Recall- come when called

·         Loose leash skills- heel

·         Sit, down and stand

·         Stay, wait

·         Leave- it

·         Off- not to jump up

·         What’s next: training opportunities after puppy class

Session Details:

Cost: $105

Length: Six, One hour lessons meeting once a week

Class Size: Up to six dogs

The Pend Oreille Pet Lodge K9 Training Team is here to help you lead the way to an obedient loving companion!

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