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STRANGE BUT TRUE! The tale of the teratoma

Minna, a 1 year 7 month old female Rottweiler came in to see us for limping on her right hind leg. Her owner thought maybe something in her foot was injured or strained. Dr. Ponsness did a thorough physical exam, noticed that both of her rear legs were tender to palpation and her gait suggested both hind limbs had problems. Wanting to investigate this further, we took a few x-rays to get a better look at her legs and hips. Upon reviewing her radiographs, Dr. Ponsness noticed some calcified deposits in her lower abdomen but the x-ray was partly cut off. Curious what this was, Dr. Ponsness took another x-ray of her entire abdomen and found something pretty surprising. 

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Looking for a convenient, cost effective way to order your pet's medication, food, supplements, flea/ tick prevention and have them delivered right to your doorstep? Pend Oreille Veterinary Service offers an online pharmacy for your diet and medication needs. Not only do they provide all the routine items you can pick up from our clinic, but they also carry a wide variety of products that we don't typically keep in stock sometimes at a lower cost. Sign up for AutoShip and you can schedule regular deliveries of your pet's medications and/or food right to your front door - with free shipping and exclusive discounts! You can select your own delivery schedule, change your schedule or cancel at any time, you'll receive emails before your next AutoShip is placed and when it ships.

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 Did you know that February is National Pet Dental Health Month? This means now is the time to establish routine dental care for your dog or cat if you don't already do so. It is always a good idea to get your pet used to having their mouth looked at, having their teeth brushed, taking them to their veterinarian for yearly examinations, etc. There are a number of products that help maintain dental health and reduce tartar build up like Hill's T/D dental diet, water additives, enzymatic formulated dental chews, daily brushing, and topical gels to name a few. In addition to home care, scheduling your pet for a thorough dental cleaning and x-rays will significantly improve your loved one's dental health as well as overall health. Continual dental care can prolong your pet's life by reducing the risk of kidney and heart disease among other conditions; it's not just about eliminating bad breath.
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