Companion Dog Obedience Class

Next Class Starts: January 17 @ 5:30pm/ March 5 @ 5:30pm/ April 24 @ 4pm

This class is for dogs six months and up or have completed our Puppy Class. Group class training is a great way to train your dog around people, dogs and other distractions. We keep our classes small for your comfort and to maximize learning. These classes are fun for the whole family! In this class you will learn how to deal with everyday behavioral issues and how to build a solid foundation in obedience. We can help teach creative and practical ways to deal with the most common training issues, even with a busy life schedule.

 Class covers:

·         Learning Theory- how dogs learn

·         What marker training is and why its useful

·         Problem solving for common issues

·         How to strengthen useful obedience behaviors

·         Trust exercises- preparing for vet exams/ nail trims

·         Impulse control- respecting thresholds

Cost: $180.00

Length: Six – One hour lessons, meeting once a week

Class Size: Up to six dogs

To register for a group class:

The Pend Oreille Pet Lodge Dog Training Team is here to help you lead the way to an obedient loving companion!