Private Lessons

Our private training lessons offer flexibility to your schedule and are tailored to the needs of each dog and their human. Customized private lessons are held at either the comfort of your home or at our Pend Oreille Pet Lodge training facility. Lessons are 60 minutes each.

In contrast to group classes, our focus is solely on you and your dog. We will target the skills and behaviors that are important to you. Dogs and their humans can greatly benefit from a quieter, less distracting environment, where they can fully concentrate on the task at hand. In private lessons the instructor has far more time to assess and discuss your specific concerns and achieve your goals.

Private lessons will help you take your dog to the next level, whether that be basic manners and obedience, off-leashing training, or specific behavior issues. Such as aggression, leash reactivity, excessive barking, fear, anxiety, and much more.

Our trainers will do a client needs assessment and behavior evaluation of your dog on the first visit. From there, we will develop a short and long-term training program to meet your goals. Regardless of your dog’s breed, age, personality, or history, we can create a customized dog training program that will fit your dog and lifestyle.

We are here to help you set the framework for long term success and teach you how to maintain results! Our programs are homework intensive!
Aggression or problem behaviors may require extensive training. We require foundation training first! You can achieve this through our eight- lesson package or our comprehensive stay and train program. Don’t wait to improve your relationship with your dog. Call us today to schedule a behavior consultation visit.

Pricing: $85 per session

**Initial lesson and house visits must be paid in full at the time of scheduling to reserve your spot**

Below is minimum number of lessons to handle certain situations.

Pet Manners-Four Lessons

Pet manners package is great for minor problem behaviors or one to two obedience behaviors. Such as barking, door manners, jumping, leash manners and more.

Basic Obedience and Behavior-Six Lessons

This package option focuses on basic skills such as sit, down, stay, come, heel, leave-it, watch me and minor behavior concerns. We will introduce distraction training and help you to understand how to achieve good behavior with your dog, in the real world.

Behavior/Aggression/Advanced Obedience-Eight Lessons

In this category, we address more complex behaviors that take more time to fix. Such as chasing other animals, fear/anxiety behavior, resource guarding, leash reactivity, aggression, excessive barking and more. We can also continue basic obedience to off-leash or further distraction training.

One- hour in home private lesson: starting at $130 (price to increase depending on location) 

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