Puppy Power Hour Rules

We offer trainer supervised playgroups for puppies that are twelve weeks to six months of age. This is a great way to help your puppy learn important socialization skills and burn off some of that puppy energy! We are excited to have you and your puppy join our playgroup! The following rules are to ensure safety for all puppy attendees.

• Proof of up to date, age appropriate, veterinarian administered vaccines are required.

• Please arrive at least five minutes prior to the start time of playgroup to register at the front desk.

• Please arrive at least five minutes prior to the play session end time.

• Collar/harness and lead must be removed upon entry.

• Do not grab puppies! Let the trainer guide the play!

• Follow the trainer’s instructions.

• We may take videos or photos which are posted to our social media.

• NO ONE is allowed in playgroup area. You are more than welcome to watch.

• Please do not touch other people’s puppies without permission.

• If a puppy jumps on you please ignore, many puppies are in training and their people appreciate other people ignoring jumping behavior.

• No treats or toys are allowed in the playgroup area.

• If your puppy is showing any signs of illness before playgroup please do not attend.

• There are no transfers or refunds for play group registrations.

• All dogs & their owners participate in playgroup at their own risk. By participating in our playgroups, it will be assumed that you acknowledge, understand and accept any and all risk.

• Anyone who chooses to not follow the above rules may be asked to leave.

** Not all puppies and dogs get along. Our qualified trainers will be actively observing the playgroup to intervene where necessary. Trainers are constantly assessing the dynamics of the group and may make decisions to separate, move a pup to the other play area, give a pup a “cooling off” period, or completely remove them from play. From time-to-time pups will let the others know if they have gone too far. If you have any concerns about the noises or play style of your puppy, don’t be afraid to chat to the staff as they observe your pup in play. If your puppy is showing repeated stress signs, they may have to leave playgroup to minimize their stress level. If your puppy is deemed unsuitable for playgroups, we can arrange alternative training.