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Whether practiced as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or evidence-based veterinary medicine, acupuncture uses the insertion of needles at various designated points to alter the body’s biochemistry. Some of the actions of acupuncture include stimulating the release of the body’s natural pain relievers, modulation of the immune system, and activation of natural mechanisms that promote a balanced, healthful state. Acupuncture has also been shown to relieve physical and emotional stress, increase circulation, provide anti inflammatory effects, and accelerate tissue healing.

  • Conditions that may benefit from acupuncture therapy include:
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Cancer pain
  • Spinal disease
  • Post-operative rehabilitation and analgesia
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Nervous system disease
  • Overall health and well-being

Both Dr. Vogel and Dr. Johnson practice acupuncture and would love the opportunity to provide this valuable treatment for your pet!

Call or e-mail us to receive more information regarding this or other treatments for your pet.