Our Training Philosophy

Training enhances the relationship you share with your dog and builds a mutual bond. Our philosophy is a well-behaved dog requires a solid foundation, clear communication and daily structure in the home, in order to maintain good behavior in any environment and around any distraction. Our training focuses on achieving an obedient dog through trust and respect. If we want our dog to listen, we must first listen to our dog. If we want our dog to respect us, we must first show our dog respect. We believe it is just as much about training the owner as it is about training the dog. Just as humans do not learn the same way, dogs also require different training approaches. This is why our canine training team utilizes a variety of training techniques and tools to meet your dog’s individual needs. We believe that training must be balanced by first using motivation methods to teach and strengthen behaviors. We show you how to clearly communicate using verbal markers (Yes! Good! Nope! No! Free or Okay!). A strong foundation using food rewards creates a positive experience for your dog that keeps them looking forward to the next training session. Eventually your dog will be in an environment where the distractions are more interesting than your high value reward. To prepare for these situations, we utilize training tools such as: slip leash, halti, prong collar, remote e-collar, as needed to ensure reliability in the real world. We introduce training tools in a low stress, thoughtful way taking into account many factors, so that we can offer fair communication. How you live life with your dog is crucial to solving many common behavioral problems. The communication between you and your dog is the most important factor to a balanced relationship. We are here to help you set the framework for long term success and maintain results!