Take the Fear Out of Your Pet’s Visit

Our practice is committed to lowering your pet’s stress while they are visiting our clinic. Here’s the why and how!


When pets feel threatened, real or imagined, changes occur immediately within their body to prepare for fight or flight. When your pet is under stress, the memories of any event occurring during that time will be very powerful. That’s why any steps we can take to lessen or avoid stress in your pet is so important in our future ability to handle them. Stress can cause severe health problems, mask signs of pain or skew diagnostic test. Luckily, there are simple things we can do to make your pet’s visits to the veterinarian less stressful.


  1. Reduce stress before the visit
    Pets who avoid or run away from their carrier or harness are scared! Make sure your pet gets used to the harness or carrier prior to vet visits. Leave your carrier out and use it for play, rest or meal time when at home. Use harnesses or leashes around the house or yard daily.

  2. Bring your pet hungry
    Bring your pet’s favorite treats; cheese, lunch meat etc. These treats are given by staff and owner alike throughout their visit as a distraction and can work wonders!

  3. Pheromone use
    The use of pheromone products can help to calm your pet naturally. We have diffusers in exam rooms, spray our rugs, clothes and blankets.

  4. Plan frequent, fun visits
    Call our practice to plan fun visits during a quieter part of the day. Our staff can focus on your pet by giving treats and enjoying some one-on-one play time.

  5. Use non-slip surfaces
    Pets do not feel safe on hard cold surfaces; that is why we use yoga mats and/or area rugs. If your pet has a favorite rug or towel please bring that to your pet’s appointment.

  6. Move slowly
    We will take extra time to handle your pet, talking quietly and moving slowly. We may avoid eye contact and “toss” treats their way until they move towards us!

  7. Pet specific music
    Our patients have responded well to the pet specific music available in our exam rooms, treatment area, boarding and grooming facilities.

  8. Talk to us! We’re here to help! Our team looks forward to working with you to create a better visit for your pet.