New training opportunities for 2019: Stay and Train

Behaviors we can help with during your dog’s stay with us:
Loose leash/Heel/Come
Leave it/Drop it/Back up
Place/Free-release from hold
Refrain from jumping 
Socialization with dogs and people/Environmental Exposure
Meet your trainer Monica Mangum:
Monica is a certified professional dog trainer and technician at Pend Oreille Veterinary Service. Monica has taken extensive classes to be able to train dogs in obedience, search and rescue, protection, agility, schutzhund, narcotic search and much more! She has trained under some of the top trainers in the world and is very committed to the safe, humane and proper training for care of the canine. She has served North Idaho’s canine/owner population since 2004 and looks forward to helping you with all your training goals.  
For more information please contact the Pend Oreille Pet Lodge Training Team